Have you seen the commercials about the “tissue test” for your teeth? Have you tried it and felt discouraged by the color of your teeth? Try our Zoom Whitening system at Exquisite Smiles.

James M. Phelan, DMD, MAGD, is a pro at whitening your teeth. The one-hour procedure is quick, convenient, and one of the safest cosmetic procedures available today.

What Is Zoom Whitening?

Zoom Whitening is the only whitening treatment we use at Exquisite Smiles and your teeth will be whiter forever. The process is gentle on sensitive teeth with dramatic results.

The Zoom light activates the hydrogen peroxide in the brightening gel which causes oxygen to enter the enamel and dentin to bleach any colored substances. This leaves the structure of the teeth completely intact and just as strong as before.

The gel bleaches your teeth on its own, but the Zoom light increases whitening by over 25%, which is an average of eight shades! As long as you follow at-home and following procedures, your teeth will shine bright for years to come.

Quick Zoom FAQs

  • Teeth whitening is safe while under the supervision of a dentist. They know exactly what they are putting on your teeth and how long it should stay there. No surprises.
  • Adult teeth naturally become darker as you age based on the changes within the mineral structure of the tooth.
  • Coffee, tea, soda, red wine, and tobacco stain your teeth more than anything else.
  • Medications can darken your teeth, such as tetracycline and certain antibiotics.
  • Excessive fluoride can change the color of your chompers.

Is It My Turn Yet?

Don’t crowd the door, just contact us at Exquisite Smiles and make an appointment with Dr. Phelan in South Attleboro. You can have the procedure done on a lunch break or quickly after work. Brighten the lives of others with your beautiful smile.

Make an appointment for Zoom Professional Whitening System and sit back and relax. Dr. Phelan will take care of the rest. See you soon!