You brush not two, but three times a day. You floss every night before bed. You even use OTC dental products specifically designed to maintain a bright, white smile, but you might find your teeth don’t shine like they used to. Even with proper dental hygiene, some daily activities can cause significant staining to a person’s teeth. Your morning coffee may be the cause of your dull smile!

Daily activities which may stain or darken teeth include:

  • Drinking dark soda
  • Consuming foods or drinks containing food dye
  • Drinking red wines and other dark alcoholic beverages
  • Consuming acidic fruits
  • Smoking
  • Vaping

Some of these activities cannot be cut out of our daily lives. Fruit, for instance, may contain high levels of acid which can damage a tooth’s protective enamel and cause yellowing. You may be able to cut coffee out of your daily routine, but it would be unhealthy to cut out fruit completely! Ultimately, as a person ages, their teeth will naturally become dull and slightly yellow over time. You may have tried to brighten your smile at home using OTC whitening products and found yourself discouraged.

You can’t radically change your lifestyle.

You don’t want to completely avoid your favorite drink.

You tried DIY whitening and were left with a yellow smile.

So, what’s the best way to maintain a whiter smile without upheaving your daily life?

In-office whitening is the safest and most effective way to brighten your smile. A dental professional can perform a comprehensive exam of your dental health and determine what method is best for you and your lifestyle. In under a few hours, a dentist can transform your already beautiful smile into a stunningly white grin. Depending on your lifestyle, you may expect to book a follow-up treatment months or years down the road. Give yourself the gift of a long-lasting and stunning smile.

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