If you would like to have whiter teeth, then Zoom whitening is an option that you should definitely consider. Here’s why Zoom whitening is an excellent option for you.

It Is Customized To Your Teeth 

One of the biggest flaws of at-home teeth whitening kits is the lack of personalization. Each person has different teeth and different needs when it comes to how to whiten them. Dentists realize this and know how to whiten each of their patient’s teeth in a safe and effective way. When you meet with your dentist for a teeth whitening consultation, they will look over your teeth to see exactly what kind of treatment will be the best for your teeth and will then go over it with you in detail. This helps you feel comfortable with the process and confident that you will see results.

It Uses Hydrogen Peroxide 

Hydrogen peroxide is a natural whitening agent, and when paired with the Zoom light, it breaks down. When it does this, it releases oxygen which then bleaches the colored substances on your teeth, leaving them looking very white and clean. This process only affects the surface of your teeth and doesn’t cause an unnecessary damage to the structure of your actual tooth.

It Is Fast

Zoom whitening is a very fast whitening process. While other treatments may take several days or even several weeks, Zoom only takes 45 minutes. This is very doable for most people and is something that they are willing to make time for. This one treatment can make your teeth whiter for the rest of your life and can have a very positive impact on your life.

If you are interested in whitening your teeth in a safe and effective way, please visit us at Exquisite Smiles.