Few people actually enjoy dental visits, and most of us go only when we must — a toothache, a tooth breaks, or the like. However, visiting a cosmetic dentist can affect a person’s everyday life by improving a person’s overall appearance and, in turn, their self-esteem. Improving a person’s smile can have a huge effect on their appearance, not only by improving the actual look of their teeth but by improving their confidence and giving them a desire to smile. Modern dentistry provides procedures from color correction to tooth replacement.

Teeth Whitening

Often referred to as tooth bleaching, there are a number of different methods that can be used to whiten teeth, in the dental office or at home.


The day of unsightly metal fillings has passed. Today, composite resins and porcelain materials are generally used instead. The new fillings are virtually invisible and much more natural in appearance.


Commonly referred to as “false teeth,” dentures have been used since the first dentures were crafted by the Etruscans in 500 B.C. However, dentures can bring on issues of their own, including bone loss and periodontal disease. Dentures can be relined every few years to compensate for bone loss.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are essentially artificial teeth which are implanted in the sockets of lost teeth. They help preserve the bone support of the adjacent teeth, helping them to extend their lifespan. Implants are considered permanent and typically last for many years. Today, they are considered the optimal method of replacing missing teeth.


Commonly referred to as “braces,” orthodontics helps correct the position of teeth, determine what caused them become out of alignment in the first place and prevent further misalignment in the future.

Other methods

  • Bonding applies materials such as porcelains and composite resins to the exterior of the tooth to restore natural appearance and function. It is an excellent means of restoring chipped teeth.
  • Dental porcelain is used for veneers, crowns, and bridgework, and helps provide a lifelike tooth material to conceal the appliances and other materials that are used, by. It is also the most durable cosmetic dentistry material.
  • Periodontal surgery is used to correct problems with the gums, providing proper tooth support.

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