Our teeth undergo a great deal of stress. Among the various foods we eat, coffees we drink, and undulating hygiene routines, it can be a struggle to keep them healthy. A problem difficult to foresee, however, is bruxism. Bruxism is a condition of teeth-grinding wherein an individual will unconsciously clench and grind their teeth together, resulting in weakening of the enamel and daily muscle pain.

What Causes Bruxism?

There is a myriad of causes for bruxism, but the stressors range between each person. Excessive teeth grinding can be caused by stress, stimulant use, anxiety, or simply a misaligned bite. While there is no known cure for bruxism, the best and most reliable way to prevent damage from grinding is a custom-fit night guard provided by your dentist.

How Can a Night Guard Help?

While bruxism can occur during waking hours, it primarily occurs while asleep. Bruxism can cause yellowing or cracking teeth, sore jaw muscles, and persistent headaches. A night guard will not prevent you from grinding your teeth entirely, but it will provide a crucial layer needed to protect your teeth from shifting or breaking over time. The force from grinding your teeth will be absorbed by a dental guard, cushioning the rows of teeth and protecting their enamel. Support from a guard ensures the longevity of your teeth and shields them from excessive gnashing.

Why Should I Choose a Custom Night Guard?

Though store-bought night guards can be purchased, these are often ill-fitting and leave your jaw worse off than it was before. Most generic guards will attribute to muscle pain and the worsening of TMJ symptoms. Improperly fitted guards are a temporary solution to a problem that exists in the long-term. Custom night guards, however, are specifically designed to fit your teeth without catering to a universal model. They are molded by your dentist and then created in a lab to align to your teeth specifically, meaning you won’t suffer from the one-size-fits-all syndrome of drugstore dental guards.

Having a dentist make a night guard from a custom mold of your teeth will provide a perfect fit and extended durability for your needs. The guard will be comfortable, durable, and have a profound impact on your sleep. Contact us today and schedule an appointment to be fitted for a night guard and ease the pain of bruxism for good.