Millions of Americans claim to have a dental phobia. The culprit for this, however, differs from person to person. Many people remember with dread the days before the development of “pain-free” dentistry, resulting in an unfortunate but understandable fear of the dentist.

Others feel anxious about dental work because of a lack of information rather than from an incident they personally encountered. Though this is easier to mend than a traumatizing past experience in the dental chair, it is no less valid.

The important thing to know, if you have a fear of the dentist, is that you are not alone. Dental professionals are aware of the apprehension many people feel toward their vocation, and advancements in technology have been made to help patients feel more comfortable and make dentistry less threatening.

In truth, fear of the dentist is a catch-22. People with this level of anxiety endure broken teeth and worse just to avoid the dentist. Many often won’t enter a dental office until the pain becomes unbearable, and by that point, extensive treatment is the only option left, which is the very thing they were trying to avoid. Dodging the dentist may pacify you in the short-term, but disregarding routine care and neglecting oral hygiene at home will result in you finding yourself at the dentist later under the worst of circumstances. Keeping up with your routine cleanings will make your dental visits less intimidating. It will also allow your dentist to catch cavities early, minimizing the extent and cost of treatment you will need.

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