Your smile says a lot about you. It’s something you see when you experience feelings of joy, happiness, and love. Maybe you once had a smile that you loved showing off, but after years of drinking coffee or smoking, it has faded. Here at Exquisite Smiles, we understand how important your smile is to you. We create the ultimate experience with the help of our friendly and highly trained staff to give you back the confidence you once had.

What Type of System Do We Use?

Here at our location we use the highly effective ZOOM Whitening System.

How Does it Work?

If you’re looking to get in and out with amazing results, this is the system for you. The entire procedure takes less than an hour. 45 minutes to be exact!

The procedure:

1. Once we cover the lips and gums, we will apply the ZOOM whitening gel. The gels works together with the ZOOM light to remove any discoloration or stains. You will remain under the light for 15 minutes.

2. We repeat this process for two additional times. We do like to warn our patients who suffer from anxiety or who have a poor gag reflex may find this procedure to be a bit difficult.

3. After the three 15-minute sessions are complete, we apply a sensitivity-reducing fluoride paste-gel to help with any tooth sensitivity following the procedure.

Things You Want to Consider

Teeth may become sensitive during the treatment as the ZOOM light creates some heat which is typically the source of discomfort for most people. Also, although it is rare, some patients find they have experienced some minor tingling once the procedure is over.

We do not recommend this procedure for children who are under the age of 13, or women who are pregnant or lactating. Please also keep in mind that you may not receive the same results as others.

When you come in for a consultation and shade assessment, Dr. Phelman can determine the highest results you can achieve.

We want to make you feel right at home once you walk through the doors to our office. If you have any questions or concerns along the way, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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