You can tell from our name that we specialize in giving you the most dazzling smile possible. The road to that smile always starts at home with good dental hygiene and regular visits to your dentist for cleaning and check-ups. But that road can only take you so far.

If you’re blessed with naturally white, perfectly aligned teeth, count yourself among the rare and fortunate of the human race. But if you’re not, (and most of us aren’t), that’s where the tools of cosmetic dentistry such as veneers, dental implants and teeth whitening come into play. No one would think of the first two as do-it-at-home projects. But teeth whitening. That doesn’t sound so hard. Just switch to a whitening toothpaste and make it part of your daily routine.

Some whitening toothpastes work to a degree. But buy and use with caution. The after effects might include something you hadn’t bargained for — bad breath.

Toothpastes that generate lots of foam use an additive called Sodium Laurel Sulfate to increase the bubbly effect. SLS has been shown to irritate the eyes and skin as well as the inside of your mouth. The result — bad breath.

Cheaper toothpastes contain small amounts of alcohol which has the effect of drying out your mouth tissues and tongue, creating a haven for microbes to breed at will. The result — bad breath. By the way, alcohol-based mouthwashes do the same thing. And for those of you who swear by baking soda as a whitening agent, it dries out the mouth even more.

Some whitening toothpastes contain silica, a primary component of sand. Obviously, this also has a drying effect on your mouth and results in bad breath. And brushing with the dental equivalent of sandpaper wears away tooth enamel, rendering all the time and effort you put into whitening your teeth pointless.

The obvious solution is to come see us. Yes, it does take a bit more effort than brushing in your own bathroom. But you won’t wind up with bad breath, and the results will outshine anything you could possibly buy in a tube.

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