More and more people are putting off dentist visits until their teeth start to hurt. But just like with everything from health to your home, preventative care is a lot cheaper in the end. Going to see a dentist when you see a few warning signs or even if something going on with your mouth is just inconvenient is always a good idea. A dentist’s office should be one of your first stops in solving bad breath, too, because it’s either an easy problem for dentists to solve or else a sign of a larger problem.

Is the halitosis originating orally?

Bad breath, or halitosis, usually starts in our mouths and can be caused by anything from poor dental hygiene to disease or even just using the wrong products. Dentists can check your teeth for periodontal disease and common developments such as varying degrees of gingivitis or cavities which can be part of the underlying cause. They can also pinpoint if the products you’re using to clean your teeth are part of the problem, so bring a list of your toothpaste type, mouthwash, and more so they can check for common culprits. Products with alcohol, baking soda, and some sulfates make your mouth more susceptible to smelly types of bacteria outbreaks.

Even if you don’t think bad breath is that serious, going to see a dentist stop it is a great motivation for making a check-up appointment. Going once every six months or once a year can help keep your mouth healthy.

What if the bad breath is caused by something else?

Sometimes bad breath isn’t a sign of a dental problem. Sometimes it’s caused by a more serious issue and bad breath is just the first warning sign that your body’s processes aren’t working as well as they should. In those cases, your dentist can make the best recommendation about seeing a general practitioner or a specialist to learn more.

If you want to get rid of the underlying causes of bad breath, schedule an appointment with us at Exquisite Smiles.