Professional whitening treatments don’t end after you leave the dentist. While the chemical products or lights they used have brightened your smile, the process still needs to settle. Make sure your teeth stay white by following these recommendations for forty-eight hours after the procedure:

Your teeth will be tinted with whatever you eat.

The procedure leaves your teeth with increased potential to absorb colors and dyes from your food. This means it’s important to avoid artificially colored foods, such as red pasta sauces and brightly dyed sweets and pastries. The coloring will start to shade your teeth. Even natural foods like berries can stain your teeth. Most dentists recommend a ‘white diet’ after whitening procedures: chicken, eggs, lightly colored fruits, and vegetables like cauliflower are best.

It’s also important to avoid sodas and colored drinks. These beverages have strong dyes and staining potential, especially if you tend to sip your drinks slowly. It may make for a cranky couple of days, but that list includes coffee and dark teas, too.

Avoid tobacco products.

This is a recommendation for general tooth and gum care, too. Chewing tobacco and cigarettes don’t just stain your teeth. They hurt the enamel and increase your odds of developing gingivitis. But if you regularly use tobacco products, do your best to minimize or completely stop for two days following your teeth whitening. If you don’t, the color will be absorbed by your teeth.

Some colored foods and products can stain your teeth before and after a teeth whitening. But the forty-eight hours following the procedure are the most critical for keeping a white smile long afterward. Go to Exquisite Smiles to get your smile brightened and more recommendations for keeping it white.