The smile is often a part of the face to which much priority for care is attached. It reflects our personality and it’s often the first thing people will see when they look at you. That’s why we should always strive to keep our smiles impeccable! However, several factors, such as old age, food, and consumption of products have consequences on the appearance of your smile.

Today, the decision to go to a cosmetic dentist does not just result from a problem or pain, but it concerns more and more with dental aesthetics. This set of techniques is specially designed for the correction and realignment of the teeth and improving the aesthetics and functioning of the teeth.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a set of dental procedures that aim to offer different dentistry treatments and techniques to improve the visual aspect of dentition. You can opt for this if you want to improve the overall appearance of your teeth and the harmony of your smile. The results of dental care led by this area offer fast, efficient, and sustainable results that can last several years (especially since most techniques have a less invasive aspect than classical dental surgery and thus less painful).

What is cosmetic dentistry used for?

Cosmetic dentistry offers the ability to act on several state-of-the-art dental procedures to change the shape, size, or alignment of certain teeth. It can also play a role in the repair and correction of chipped, cracked, or missing teeth.

Some possible treatments offered by cosmetic dentistry:

Teeth whitening: treatment to clarify teeth with the elimination of enamel colors.

Dental facet: facets are glued on existing teeth to hide a problem or aesthetic defect.

Composite: consists of a resin injection to hide a stain or crack on the tooth

Dental implant: the implant is installed in the bone of the jaw and replaces the root of the tooth.

Dental Crowns: dental restoration consisting of porcelain or zirconia materials installed directly on the gum and implant.

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