ClearCorrect aligners are similar to traditional braces, in functionality because they are a product that will help straighten one’s teeth and correct overbite or underbite issues. They also, like braces, give a person the confidence they need to show off a new smile. Cosmetically though, ClearCorrect aligners differ greatly from conventional braces in that they are able to invisibly straighten a patient’s teeth without the use of metal braces, wires, or hooks. 

Benefits of ClearCorrect

ClearCorrect aligners are clear and unlike traditional braces they are not glued onto a person’s teeth. They also do not run the risk of scratching one’s tongue, lips, or gums. ClearCorrect aligners are comfortable to wear because they are made of a smooth, surfaced plastic material.

ClearCorrect aligners like regular braces, require impressions of the mouth to be taken. They typically need to be worn on the teeth for an average of eighteen months to three years. These aligners have a nice advantage over traditional braces in that their clear acrylic surface makes them often go unnoticed by others. Therefore patients can feel comfortable enough to talk, laugh, and smile while wearing ClearCorrect aligners. 

Treatment and Care

These types of aligners should be well taken care and cleaned via a toothbrush and water. Patients should still also continue to take excellent care of their teeth before, after, and during the time they are using ClearCorrect. It is important to floss regularly and brush frequently so that teeth stay clean and healthy. Regular, twice a year, check-ups to the dentist should still occur even when a person has ClearCorrect aligners.

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