Dental care is expensive for those caught without dental insurance or those who have fallen on bad times.  While those may be temporary, a crippling condition called fear of the dentist, also known as odontophobia, prevents people from going to the dentist all together. If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist to have repair work completed, how do you combat your dental phobia?

Talk to your dentist before the procedure

It seems obvious, but this step is often overlooked by patients and dentists alike.  Something as simple as a patient’s new dentist compiling a list of questions for the patient to tick yes or no to, or a patient admitting their fear may go a long way in combating fear, at least for the procedure at hand.  If a patient has a positive experience, the patient will fear less, if at all, for the next procedure.

Use your hands

While some people are fine with making noises to alert the dentist when they have their mouth full of equipment, others may lose control and scream. It may be more helpful to your mindfulness to agree upon a hand gesture you can make at your dentist if you are in pain or have another need.


For many, even Justin Bieber sounds less offensive than a dentist’s drill! Bring that headset and jam to your favorite tunes while the dentist goes to work in your mouth.

If you are afraid of the dentist, it may be understandable. Even the American presidents weren’t immune to the fear, as Abraham Lincoln developed his fear after having his jaw broke during a dental procedure with no anesthesia. If you are experiencing fear though, it is best to deal with the fear in the short term rather than have consequences in the long term like the British woman did, who had to have her entire jaw repaired and teeth replaced due to the toxic chemicals in the superglue, as well as be housebound due to lack of confidence her teeth caused her.

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