Veneers Are the Solution for a Beautiful Smile

Dental veneers can solve a myriad of issues that may arise for various reasons.  For instance, when one receives root canal treatments and ends up with discolored teeth, or if one has resin fillings that have resulted in discolored teeth, veneers can be used to successfully restore the look of a healthy, natural-looking tooth.  Certain drugs also cause discoloration of the teeth. Veneers can be used to restore these teeth as well.

Veneers are very thin shells made of tooth colored materials that are custom-made to bond to and cover the front surfaces of teeth. Professionally applied veneers can change the color, size, shape and length of the teeth and restore or improve a smile exponentially.

Veneers are also a good solution for individuals whose teeth are worn down by grinding, or who have broken or chipped teeth. They are also frequently used to fill in wide gaps between the teeth.


Those considering veneers meet with their dentists to discuss the outcomes they wish to achieve. The teeth are examined, and the dentist determines whether that patient is a good candidate for the procedure.  The examination often includes X-rays and impressions of the teeth and mouth.

Preparing for the Veneers

In preparation to apply the veneers, the dentist may administer a local anesthetic before he or she uses a dental tool to remove approximately 1/2 millimeter of the patient’s surface tooth enamel.  This is almost equal to the thickness of the veneer to be added to the surface of the tooth.

Once the surface enamel is removed, an impression of the tooth is sent to a dental laboratory where the veneer is constructed. The approximate wait time is from one to two weeks before the laboratory sends the veneers back to the dentist. During this period, the patient is usually given the option to wear temporary veneers at an additional cost.


Once the veneer is ready, the dentist will determine its fit and color, and make any necessary adjustments to assure a perfect fit. The natural tooth is then cleaned, polished and etched in preparation to receive the veneer, which is attached with a cement devised for this purpose. A special beam of light is used to activate the cement chemicals to rapidly harden or cure them. The dentist completes the process by making any necessary adjustments and by cleaning away any excess cement.

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