Crisp, cool winter weather also means that it’s time to stock the fridge with delicious fall staples. In addition to poor oral hygiene that can cause halitosis, or bad breath, some of the foods we love so much during the fall months can also be culprits of less than fresh breath. Soups, stews, and roasts call for odiferous foods like garlic and onions, and let’s not forget coffee breath from all those pumpkin spiced lattes! The sulfur compounds linger on your tongue and are absorbed into your bloodstream. This can mean lingering smells that expel from your body hours after eating that pesto pasta.

There are ways to enjoy your pumpkin spiced latte and drink it too. Simply add some yummy in-season food options into your weekly dinner routine that battle bad breath and are easy on the wallet!

  • Apples not only work great in school lunches or in a pie, but they also have polyphenols that counteract the sulfurous effects of garlic. As an added bonus there are tons of local farms near South Attleboro to take the family to pick your own bushel! So next time you’re thinking of garlicky mashed potatoes for dinner, try throwing in some golden delicious apples from a local grower too!
  • Green tea has naturally occurring flavonoids that fight off oral bacteria, and studies from Pace University show that it might even help stave off strep throat. When everyone at the office has a scratchy throat and cough drop breath, you can sip on a tasty tea while knowing that your own breath won’t make your co-worker’s face turn green.
  •  Probiotic yogurt contains active cultures that reduce bad breath and at the same time may help improve periodontal health. Consider it an easy one-two punch to knock out bad breath and regulate your gut. Try substituting fat-free Greek yogurt as a dredge for chicken, cover in ground almonds and parmesan cheese, and bake until golden and delicious.

If the recipes and other fresh breath foods that Eating Well suggests still aren’t cutting through your bad breath issues, contact us! We’re happily accepting new patients!