A bright, healthy smile can give you a boost in confidence and improve your appearance, but what are the best ways to get your teeth their whitest? There are a wide variety of products available over the counter, and other options that require a dental appointment? Read on to learn more and find which is right for you.

At home options:

  • Whitening strips – these strips contain ingredients like hydrogen peroxide, which can help remove stains from teeth. Simply apply these strips, leave them on your teeth for the recommended amount of time, and then remove them and go about your routine. After using the strips for a few weeks, you can see several shades of improvement in how white your teeth are.
  • Whitening trays – like whitening strips, you simply set these trays and leave them for the recommended amount of time. Some people may find these trays bulky, and the ingredients can sometimes cause irritation to those with sensitive teeth and gums.
  • Whitening pens – these products are perfect for quick spot treatment – if you notice a stain on your teeth, you can simply apply the product. These work best on small areas.

What your dentist can do:

While at home products can be convenient, they may not work as well as the options your dentist has to offer. Your dentist can whiten your teeth using hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, but can also apply protective gel or a shield to your gums, so that pain and sensitivity can be avoided. Your dentist can help you get hard to reach places and treat stains better than at home whitening products. In addition, many dental insurances offer discounts on these procedures. So if you’re looking for a whiter, brighter smile, consider a few of the options above, and contact us for more information.