When people see us happy or excited for something for the first time it is always a good moment. But what’s the first thing that shows when your happiness shows? The answer is your teeth. First impressions are everything and so you want your teeth to show just how you feel. But the problem is that sometimes, even with constant cleaning and care, they can stain and yellow from a good number of things. These can include:

  • Dark drinks like tea, sodas and coffee
  • Age
  • Any type of tobacco product
  • Some forms of fruit
  • Even genetics can play a part in the different coloration of your teeth

This might lead you to feel that there is no hope for you to get the perfect smile you know you deserve. Well, that’s where in-office teeth whitening comes in! It is a safe procedure that plenty of people undergo to help them achieve the perfect smile.

The way that Exquisite Smile does this is by using a light activated whitening gel. That might be a little strange-sounding but the important thing to know is that its main ingredient is Hydrogen Peroxide. Once it’s activated it breaks down and enters the enamel, bleaching any stains or discolorations. With this you can expect your teeth color will improve on average by eight shades. It is a quick procedure that simply requires a simple appointment with your dentist in office.

So if you are looking to have a perfect smile to give the right impression, then contact us at Exquisite Smile Dentistry.