You Can Whiten Your Teeth Too Often

Your teeth can stain over time from coffee, wine, cigarettes, and other products. All of which can affect your self-esteem and self-worth. Unfortunately, if you aren’t careful, it can cause major problems with your teeth and smile.  Deciding to use over-the-counter whitening material in place of having it done professionally can lead to many oral health problems. Most people don’t understand their protective enamel is thicker or thinner depending on the person. You can literally burn the protection off of your teeth when you follow a social media D.I.Y.

Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening Products

There has been a craze of teeth whitening products to hit the shelves. Some better than others. This includes the kinds of toothpaste, gels, mouthpiece kits, and those squares you notice someone has used because their pearly whites are just as bleached as their gums. Over-the-counter whitening products reduce minor stains rather than brownish or major discoloration. These products are cheap to purchase. Making it all seem easy and convenient, it quickly can lead to discoloration, tooth damage, cavities, and other oral issues. Whitening without professional supervision can result in long-lasting oral issues.

Problems with Excessive Teeth Whitening

When using teeth whitening products too much, you may not even notice because it thrills you with that occasional shade of change. Even ADA approved whiteners can burn your teeth. Some other problems when you use too much of a whitening product start with causing your teeth to retain a translucent appearance instead of a white one. This causes them to appear discolored as well as retain more discoloration each use. The loss of tooth enamel is the most dangerous. When you lose your enamel, your teeth are defenseless against bacteria and plaque attacking your teeth. It quickly results in cavities and problems down in your gum line.

They limit home kits to 6% hydrogen peroxide. Our in-office bleaching provides dental supervision, meaning it allows us to apply mixtures of 30% hydrogen peroxide and sodium bicarbonate. In one sitting, we can reapply the mixture 4-5 times. Your teeth will whiten to a shade that would take 4-6 months carefully doing it at home. It is also will be much safer in the hands of an experienced professional. Keep in mind that professional whitening service results also last much longer, so you will not need to have whitening treatments often. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, and we can safely get you to where you are going in a safe and effective manner.