Millions of Americans feel less than confident about their smiles. There’s a variety of reasons for their lack of confidence; some are missing teeth due to injury or periodontal disease. Others have teeth that are misaligned, poorly shaped, or discolored. Many have likely heard of cosmetic dentistry, but are unaware of the health and social benefits cosmetic procedures can bring. Let’s consider the top four benefits of cosmetic dentistry below:

Increased confidence. With cosmetic dentistry– in the form of teeth whitening, veneers, and more– patients often report a boost of self-confidence post-procedure. Instead of working hard to hide their smiles, patients can show their pearly whites to the world without hesitation.

Better oral hygiene. With a brand new, healthy smile, patients tend to practice better oral hygiene. Their motivation, of course, is to maintain the smile they’ve always wanted. Thus, cosmetic dentistry patients tend to brush and floss regularly and visit their dentists for scheduled check-ups. Not only does this increased attention to hygiene benefit patients’ oral health, it benefits their overall health too.

Employment opportunities. Studies show that people who have good oral hygiene tend to do better in social situations, including job interviews. This is likely due to a combination of increased confidence resulting from a healthy smile and a more professional overall appearance.

Relief from chronic headaches. For some people, misaligned teeth and bruxism can cause severe headaches. A surprising benefit of cosmetic dentistry is often long-awaited relief from those chronic and debilitating headaches.

If you are considering cosmetic dentistry to get the smile you’ve always dreamed of, please contact us today for more information.