Teeth whitening has become a big part of our culture. There are TV commercials offering different ways to whiten your teeth, and the stores have rows of products for you to try at home. Still, what are the true benefits of teeth whitening, and are there any downsides to having your teeth whitened at home?

The main pros for teeth whitening:

The main cons of teeth whitening:

Should you bleach your teeth at home?

One of the main reasons you may notice gum irritation is often due to an ill-fitting tooth whitening tray, according to benefitsbridge. They also remark that if the tray doesn’t fit correctly, you may experience gum burning, which can last up to three weeks. They also warn against the possibility of getting burns on your gums, and burns in the throat or stomach from the bleaching agent itself.

According to Healthline, there are great benefits to having your dentist perform the teeth whitening procedure for you. For instance, the process will be much faster, and more often last longer than at-home teeth whitening treatments. They also greatly recommend that if you have receding gum lines or abfraction lesions, you seek the help of a professional as you are at a greater risk for negative side-effects.

The bottom-line is, you are at a greater risk for negative experiences if you choose to use a teeth whitening kit at home as opposed to seeking the help of a professional. If you have found yourself interested in seeking a boost in confidence, or wanting to really feel confident about your upcoming job interview in the South Attleboro, MA, Attleboro, MA, Cumberland, RI, Lincoln, RI, or Seekonk, MA area, give us a shout out today to see how we can help you make the right decisions.

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