Many people make New Year’s resolutions and improvements in personal appearance is most likely at the top of their list of goals.  If you have always wanted a more attractive smile, then professional teeth whitening may be exactly the procedure you are looking for in the new year.

Although there are over-the-counter treatments and home remedy suggestions for removing teeth stains, many people find they need professional help in order to obtain a beautiful set of pearly white teeth in a safe, effective manner.  A professional dentist will guide their patients through the teeth whitening process by providing:

  • an initial exam to examine the health of the patient’s teeth to determine whether or not they are a good candidate for a professional teeth whitening procedure.
  • a thorough explanation of what can be expected on the day of treatment, how many sessions will be required and how long the procedure will take.
  • post-treatment instruction on how to address any issues with teeth sensitivity and how to avoid incurring further stains.

Everyone wants an effective treatment without sacrificing the health and integrity of their teeth.  A professional dentist will ensure the process is done properly and only on those patients who are good candidates for the procedure.  The Philips Zoom treatment offered by our clinic has been named the most effective teeth whitening treatment by Women’s Health.  The Zoom treatment can offer an improvement in whitening of up to 8 shades after a total treatment process of just 45 minutes.

For more information about how you can obtain the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted for the new year, please contact us.