Most people have heard the phrase ‘first impressions last the longest’, and it’s a phrase backed-up by science. In a study presented to the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, science indicates that more and more people make snap judgement about people in just the first few seconds of seeing them, even before words can be exchanged.

Every Detail Counts

Our brain is constantly taking in information and analyzing it whether we realize it or not. That includes when we first see a person. Our brain quickly takes in their height, build, and demeanor to determine if they’re a threat, then begins to look at other, smaller features to decide how well we’re likely to get along with the person.

Part of that analysis is looking at teeth. Our society associates white, clean, straight teeth with privilege and responsibility, so when our minds see teeth that aren’t straight or aren’t white, our first instinct is to feel they are irresponsible, even if that isn’t necessarily the case.

A Happier, Healthier You

According to another study, this time by research consulting firm Kelton, people who have straight, white, and healthy teeth are generally happier about themselves and their life. Happiness has been known for a long time to be tied to ones health and this study further established that, showing that individuals who were happier about their smile also feel they are healthier.

A Solution

Cosmetic dentistry has come a long ways in the last twenty years. Often it allows someone wishing to change their smile to do so without a face full of metal. As we find new ways to advance the process prices also begin to fall. This means that for an increasing number of people, straightening and whitening teeth can be done without as much notice of those around you, and without having to choose between fixing the problem or going on vacation.

To find out how we can put you on a road to a better smile so you can feel happier, be healthier, and make those great first impressions you strive for, contact us.