There are a lot of different causes behind halitosis, and there’s no one cure to remove all of them. Sometimes bad breath is just the result of coffee or a particularly pungent meal. But if you’re dealing with it regularly, it’s time to make some changes. Here are three lifestyle changes you can add to your New Year’s resolution to knock out some of the most common (as well as some of the most serious) causes:

1. Stay hydrated.

“Stay hydrated” is some of the most generalized health advice out there, and that’s for a reason. Water is a vital component to all of our body’s systems, and things go wrong if your body doesn’t have enough. A dry mouth is the perfect environment for a lot of bacteria types that cause bad teeth. Drinking water, especially plain water, reduces the risk of your mouth drying out. It also gives food particles less time to get situated in your mouth.

2. Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Processed and sugary foods are bad for your teeth, even on just a surface level. While garlic and onions may be the go-to bad guys for stereotypical bad breath, coffee, snacks, and lots of carbs do worse. Fruits and vegetables also have a lot of water content relative to their size, so that helps with the first habit.

3. Go to your doctor and dentist on schedule.

Sometimes halitosis isn’t just halitosis. Even if it is, it might be too stubborn or severe for you to handle by yourself. So go to both your doctor and your dentist regularly. They can help recommend more specific lifestyles changes or diagnose more serious conditions under the symptom.

To get started, schedule an appointment at Exquisite Smiles here. Just because it’s already 2019 doesn’t mean you can’t add an extra resolution.