Do people rub their noses, step back, and look at you in a weird manner anytime they are around you? Did your date suddenly pull away the other day when you tried to dive in for a kiss? Well, this is a clue. Your bad breath might be the problem.

The following six tests will tell you whether your breath is fresh or stale:

Testing with a kit

Home testing kits are readily available to chemists at affordable prices. What happens is that you put some saliva on the kit. If the results are clear, then everything is fine. You have a reason to worry if the results come out blue. It means your breath is not fresh. A breath spray or mint will help remedy the problem.

Testing with cotton

Use a cotton gauze piece to wipe the middle or back of your tongue and then sniff it. If the cotton smells bad, it definitely means there is nothing good to report about your breath. The opposite is true. A thick yellow colored stain is also an indicator of bad breath because of excess production of sulfide.

Testing with dental floss

Dental floss is also effective at helping you establish the freshness of your breath. Take the dental floss and apply some between your teeth especially those at the back. This is where most food particles get caught. After this, smell the floss and you’ll surely have a hint of the odor those around you get anytime you speak.

Testing with your wrist

Lick the inside part of your wrist, leave it to dry, then sniff and learn the stale or fresh nature of your breath. The inner part of the wrist is incredible because it does not constantly handle things. The back of your hand is another place that can help you read your breath.

Testing with a spoon

Invert a teaspoon and scrap the back area of your tongue. Remember to do it gently to avoid gagging. If the spoon has some white coating, most likely it smells bad. If it is clear, you have some fresh breath.

Testing with a mirror

In front of a mirror, stick-out your tongue. Bring out your tongue as much as you can. If you see a white colored film on the tongue, this is an indication of bacteria, which is responsible for bad breath.

The above easy to perform tests are very effective at testing whether or not you have bad breath. Whether you are going for that important date or interview, use the above tests to ensure you are safe and contact us for more information.