At Exquisite Smiles in South Attleboro, MA, we want you to sleep comfortably throughout the night. We are here to sing the praises of nightguards, and we’ve got six ways you can use them to your advantage.

Less Tension and Pain

Nightguards are practical, lightweight, and comfortable. Your dentist will specifically design your nightguard to reduce the stress put on your jaw muscles and joints. This reduced stress relieves both pain and tension.

Headache Prevention

Temporomandibular disorders (TMD) causes temporal headaches and neck pain. Improving this condition results in far fewer of these symptoms or, in some cases, eliminates them completely.

Prevention of Tooth Damage

Nightly grinding in your sleep results in damaged fillings, excessive wear on the teeth and enamel, and chipped teeth. Since enamel contains no living cells, the body cannot repair cracked enamel like a broken bone.

Improved Sleep Patterns

Treating TMD results in relaxing your jaw muscles, which allows you to experience a more restful night’s sleep. Sleep is a crucial part of your daily routine, as it sets the stage for how your next day will go.

Long-Term Money Savings

Arguably the greatest downside of grinding and clenching your teeth and jaws is the slow but sure degradation of your teeth. The required restorative dental work for both functional and aesthetic reasons are an expensive investment in your quality of life.

Snoring Prevention

Another major benefit of sleeping with a nightguard is the prevention of snoring. The night guard is designed to create a small space between your jaws, significantly increasing your air intake and allowing you to breathe much better.

If you suffer from jaw tension and pain, headaches, or snoring, a nightguard may be right for you.  Contact us at Exquisite Smiles in South Attleboro, MA to schedule an initial consultation, and find out how a night guard can protect your teeth and jaws, improve your sleep, and save you money. Our friendly professionals can’t wait to hear from you.