The Safest Route to a Whiter, Brighter Smile


There are so many products on the market today promising a whiter, brighter smile. You may even have tried some of them only to be disappointed by the lackluster results. Unfortunately, many of the pastes, gels and potions advertised on our screens will do very little to brighten your smile and can, unfortunately, harm your teeth and gums.

Using Foods to Whiten and Remove Stains

If you are tempted to use foods like lemons or strawberries to whiten your teeth, you may want to resist that temptation. Since these are food, it is understandable that they are thought to be a safe whitening alternative. Unfortunately, lemons and strawberries are quite high in citric acid. Brushing with lemon or strawberry will not really whiten your teeth, and the citric acid can soften or erode the enamel.

Whitening Toothpastes

Whitening toothpastes can reduce some of the staining on your teeth caused by coffee, tea or tobacco, but you may be disappointed by the results. Though your smile may seem a bit brighter when the stains are removed, this shade or two difference may come with a price.

Whitening toothpaste contains abrasive agents. The silica or baking soda can damage the enamel and also irritate the gum tissue and tooth sensitivity.

Whitening Mouth Rinses

If you use a whitening mouthwash or rinse to whiten your teeth, you probably will not do any damage to your enamel.  These rinses contain hydrogen peroxide as a whitening agent, but the product will not be in your mouth long enough to have much of an effect. Don’t be tempted to use hydrogen peroxide on its own. It can damage the dentin.


For a truly whiter smile, you may want to talk to your dentist. There are several in office and take home solutions that will give you the safe and reliable results you are looking for.

In Attleboro, MA, contact Exquisite Smiles. We offer the safe and effective Zoom whitening system. Zoom whitening can brighten your smile by up to eight shades on your first visit. Schedule an appointment with us to find out more about your safest route to a whiter brighter smile.


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