Do I Really Need a Night Guard?

If you’re experiencing tooth or jaw pain accompanied by headaches, you might be grinding your teeth while you sleep. This can lead to significant problems, such as the wearing away of enamel.

When your enamel wears away, you have less protection, and your teeth become more sensitive. Toothaches, cavities, and other damage can result. You can avoid these problems by wearing a night guard while you sleep. But not any night guard will do. For the best protection, you’ll want to see your dentist for a custom night guard.

Several good reasons for wearing a custom night guard are:

– A custom night guard will fit your teeth better than one purchased at a store. Because of that, it won’t slip during the night, and it will feel more comfortable to wear.

– A custom night guard provides a superior barrier for cushioning the teeth. Because of its quality construction, you will experience less pain and will probably sleep better.

– A custom night guard will prop your mouth open slightly in the correct manner. This can help release the tension in your muscles. It can even improve breathing by keeping your airway open.

Multiple things can cause teeth grinding. Anxiety and stress are two such factors. Also, if your upper and lower teeth are somewhat misaligned, this can cause you to grind your teeth. It’s important to visit your dentist for a professional opinion and to get the proper help.

If you’re having a dental problem, please contact us today. Our dental philosophy centers on prevention. We can help you get and maintain the healthiest mouth possible!


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