There are lots of benefits of whitening your smile, and there are even more benefits to getting the treatment professionally done. These benefits range from smoother, more consistent whitening to faster, longer-lasting treatments. But the benefits go deeper. If you want to have more control over your teeth whitening treatment, dentists can help because:

You can pick your whitening shade.

Not all teeth whitening procedures will turn your teeth the exact same shade. Different brands and products have different degrees of effectiveness. How old the box kit is also impacts its effectiveness. Even the application process can impact how well the kit bleaches your teeth.

But at a dentist’s office, your teeth’s new shade of white isn’t just the luck of the draw. Decide precisely which level of whiteness you want as the end result. You can choose a shade that’s just a bit lighter than your current tooth color for a gradual whitening process, or you can brighten your smile to the whitest available shade.

You can learn more about the stains on your teeth.

When you use over the counter treatments, you don’t learn anything new about your teeth. You might guess that your teeth are naturally a certain shade or that coffee is staining your teeth. But a multitude of different materials could be staining your teeth. Sometimes, teeth have intrinsic stains that come from inside the tooth instead of topical stains, and discoloration can even indicate poor internal tooth health.

But a dentist can examine your teeth, recommend any dietary changes necessary, and even identify more complex problems with your teeth.

Get a custom-made experience.

Dentists can give you more fine-tuned control over the whole experience from selecting your shade to customizing your post-treatment diet to maximize long-lasting brightness. If you want to continue your teeth whitening treatments at home for convenient maintenance, dentists can even create a custom tray for your teeth so the material doesn’t aggravate your gums or the inside of your mouth.

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