Most people have anxiety about going to the dentist, but when it becomes so bad you completely avoid treatment it turns into a dental phobia. Some people will be in such pain from infected teeth and live on over-the-counter pain medications or rely on home remedies that they will bypass the dentist’s office. 

For many patients, this deep-seated fear goes back to a traumatic experience during childhood where they were treated unkindly or experienced pain. These memories last for years and are extremely vivid causing much psychological pain. There are steps that you can take to overcome these phobias, and there is definitely hope to conquer your fears.

If you have dental fears and phobias, there are many options to help you get the care and treatment you need.

  • The single most effective way for you to overcome your fears is for the dentist to build a trusting relationship where you can express all your fears and concerns and be taken seriously. Trust is essential.
  • A mild sedative can be prescribed to be taken at home prior to the visit.
  • The dentist can give nitrous oxide (laughing gas) during the treatment.
  • Behavioral management can be utilized by exposing you to a variety of dental instruments over time to familiarize you with each and their uses.
  • Breathing, relaxation and meditation exercises can be practiced.

There is nothing worse than being in excruciating dental pain, but not being able to go to the dentist for help because of a dental phobia. Most dentists are trained to deal with these issues and will work with you to help you overcome your fears in a trusting, nurturing relationship.

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