As an adult who’s had dental work, you may think your job is done when it comes to caring for your teeth. Brush and floss, right? There may be more to it for you, though. If a dentist has ever suggested that you wear a night guard, it’s because the wear that you’re showing is typical of grinding and other unconscious stresses. Otherwise, if you don’t get fitted, you’ll end up chipping, abrading and even fracturing bottom teeth and molars. It’s very important to try to preserve your natural teeth.

Here at Exquisite Smiles in South Attleboro, we have the knowledge and experience to make sure your smile and health are protected for years to come. Dr. James M. Phelan, is a Master of the Academy of General Dentistry — an honor only bestowed on 3% of dentists. In our practice, we put a priority on continuing education to be at the forefront of dental innovations and advances in care.

In fitting your night guard, we are perfectionists. It’s important! You need comfort and ease of breathing when it’s time to go to sleep. We know that if everything isn’t exact as it should be, you won’t wear it. Each night guard is made individually: yours is for you and you alone.

Similarly, we also create sports guards and snore guards. Yes, you may be snoring because of how your jaw and teeth are aligned!

One thing you don’t have to worry about: payment options. We accept cash, checks, all major credit cards and we even offer two kinds of health care credit lines. Contact us today to make an appointment.