Have you found yourself repetitively waking with a soreness in your jaw, sensitive teeth, or even a headache? Do you struggle to sleep soundly through the night due to teeth grinding disturbing your slumber? If this sounds all too familiar, there is a good chance you are one of the many adults that suffer from a sleep condition called Bruxism.


Bruxism is involuntary, persistent grinding or clenching of teeth. For most, this happens during sleep. Many adults and even children suffer from this condition, resulting in an array of painful symptoms. With such a common disorder affecting the vital sleeping hours of so many, it is no surprise that we often meet with patients seeking relief. Rest assured that there is an effective treatment available. Our practice offers custom-fit night guards that protect you in more ways than one:


Wearing a night guard has proven to be effective in providing better sleep for those who suffer from night time clenching and grinding. Night guards provide a barrier between the biting surfaces of your teeth, limiting the amount of pressure transferred to your jaw muscles and vulnerable teeth from clenching one dental arch against the other. This aids in the prevention of sore jaw muscles, headaches and poor sleep. Quality sleep is not something you should have to compromise on.


For those patients that have previously had restorative dental work done, it is imperative to protect it! Crowns, veneers, bridges, implants, fillings and other dental restorations are all susceptible to the damage and nightly wear and tear that grinding and clenching can cause. Protecting your dental work by wearing a night guard can help you avoid spending more time and money on your smile. Wearing a custom made night guard ensures that your dental restorations will last many years to come.


Night guards also act as a preventative device. If you suffer from sensitivity, soft or weak enamel, deal with fragile or problematic teeth, or headaches, wearing a night guard regularly can not only help alleviate these frustrating symptoms, it can actually help prevent them from occurring altogether.

At Exquisite Smiles, we will carefully design your night guard to fit your mouth as perfectly and comfortably as possible. The process is quick and painless, requiring only an impression of your smile in order for us to start. If you are seeking relief from Bruxism and are interested in consulting with our dentist about a night guard, contact us at (508)761-5320. Dr. Phelan and our staff of dental professionals provide exceptional dental care to South Attleboro, MA and all surrounding areas.