What You Need to Know About Using a Nightguard

If you clench or grind your teeth in your sleep, you suffer from a number of repercussions. You may experience jaw pain and tension, headaches, and damaged teeth—not to mention the sound may bother anyone sleeping in the same space as you. You are not alone in this. According to an article from Colgate.com, between 30 and 40 million Americans suffer from bruxism, or teeth grinding.

One solution offered by Dr. Phelan at Exquisite Smiles is to create you a nightguard to wear at night to prevent these problems. The nightguard fits your bite and prevents your teeth from meeting so you can’t grind them together. According to Colgate, nightguards made by a dentist are higher quality and have a superior fit to the ones you can get over-the-counter. Since they are made in a laboratory from an impression of your mouth, they are more comfortable to wear than the over-the-counter variety as well.

There are other things you can do to alleviate bruxism as well. The leading cause of bruxism is stress. Many patients experience relief from teeth grinding when they are able to let go of their concerns from the day before bed. You may want try meditation, journaling, drinking soothing tea, or taking a bath before bedtime. Be intentional about leaving the worries of the day out of your bedtime routine if possible. After examining your teeth, Dr. Phelan may decide teeth straightening could help you stop grinding your teeth as well.

For more information about getting a nightguard and other solutions for teeth grinding, contact us at Exquisite Smiles today.


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