How Long Does Zoom Teeth Whitening Last?

Tooth whitening often seems like a never-ending quest, but while whitening toothpaste can limit surface stains and at-home tooth whitening kits can be effective in some, if you want immediate results, visiting your cosmetic dentist for Zoom tooth whitening is the most effective way to go. By adding a gel of hydrogen peroxide to your teeth for the 45-minute Zoom procedure, you can walk out with immediately noticeable whiter teeth. Yet, the question is, how long will those results last?

That question is difficult to answer. If you leave after a Zoom procedure and never brush your teeth again while drinking five cups of coffee a day, your results will likely be undone in less than a month. However, with a good tooth care regimen, a whitening tooth paste, and using the Zoom touch-up kit, results will usually stay bright and beautiful for at least six months. Your white teeth can also be extended by making small lifestyle changes like cutting out coffee, tea, red wine, and sodas.

By using a whitening tooth paste, avoiding drinks that are notorious for staining teeth, and coming in for regular teeth cleaning to your dentist, Zoom tooth whitening can have you seeing lighter teeth for a very long time. However, many people choose to have Zoom done on a yearly basis to keep their smile light, white, bright, and beautiful. By doing this, often they find they can still enjoy coffee and other things in moderation without having to live with the unpleasant after results on their teeth.

If you have tried at-home teeth whitening and weren’t thrilled with the results, contact us today. If you want results, you will always see them professional methods over the do-it-yourself styled treatments.


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