Most of us are aware of the many benefits restoring teeth to optimum dental health can bring, especially if you are one of the 30 Million Americans with missing or cracked teeth. The process to that restoration, however, isn’t always that clear. Here are some important facts you should know about Crowns and Bridges and how they benefit your overall dental health.

  • Crown: A crown is a cap placed over a cracked or damaged tooth. It’s made with a variety of materials, such as stainless steel, porcelain, porcelain-fused-to-metal, ceramic, resin, nickel, chromium, or gold.
  • Bridge: A bridge is what will “bridge” the gap made from a missing tooth or teeth.
  • Abutment: The teeth on either side of the missing tooth gap are abutment or anchoring teeth, where we place the crowns.
  • Pontics: Pontics are the false teeth filling the gap between abutments. The different materials used to create pontics are gold, porcelain, or alloys.

Generally, creating a bridge is a straightforward procedure. Here’s a brief summary of the process to creating crowns and bridges and what the benefits are:

  • The Process: The first step is to recontour the abutment teeth, removing part of the enamel to make room for the crown. The second step is to make an impression of the abutment teeth which is then used as a model for the crowns, bridge, and pontics made at the dental lab. The final step is having the bridgework adjusted to fit your mouth properly. It may take more than one visit to get this adjustment just right.
  • The Benefits: Bridges will keep teeth from sliding out of alignment. They will even out your bite, maintain the shape of your face, and can even restore your smile!

Remember to follow a daily regimen of brushing and flossing teeth twice daily, use an antiseptic mouthwash and be sure to maintain a proper diet. Here at Exquisite Smiles we take pride in offering excellent care for your crowns and bridgework needs. Call for a consultation appointment today!