When most people go to sleep, the stress of the day doesn’t simply melt away. That’s because while they are sleeping, they are also clenching their jaw and grinding their teeth. When you grind your teeth, you simply cannot stop this behavior on your own due to its subconscious nature. That’s when you need a nightguard.

Get Your Nightguard From A Dentist

Typically, when you grind your teeth, you will receive a subscription for the nightguard that can help to solve the issue. In that case, it’s crucial to get the nightguard from your dentist.

When you are grinding your teeth, you are not only putting a great deal of tension and stress on your jaw, but you are also slowly wearing down the biting surface of your teeth. That is why you need to wear a nightguard to stop the wear and tear.

But too often, individuals who hear they need a nightguard either delay getting it, or attempt to buy one over the counter in a store. This step can undermine the benefits that come with a professionally made and fitted alternative.

If you want the nightguard to have the best possible fit for your mouth, it needs to be done by a dentist. An ill-fitting nightguard can be uncomfortable and even cause you pain, and of course you may find that you won’t be able to keep it in your mouth. In that case, it becomes useless.

Having a nightguard professionally fitted for your mouth, on the other hand, ensures that it is perfectly customized to your teeth. This is also a great time to ask your dentist about taking care of your nightguard, and learning when it’s time to get a replacement. Your teeth and jaw will thank you, and you can stop any damage in its tracks. To schedule an appointment for your nightguard, please contact us.