DIY whitening treatments and over the counter chemicals usually won’t give you the smile you’re looking for. A lot of DIY procedures are incomplete and don’t protect your gums. Even products you can buy in a store might lead to a blotchy smile, damaged gums, or weakened enamel. If you tried a product at home and you want to start repairing your smile, follow these three tips:

1. Take care of your tooth enamel.

Tooth enamel can wear away, especially if it’s exposed to harsh chemicals. Not only does this material protect your teeth and keep them strong, teeth that have lost enamel can turn yellow faster. Be sure to brush your teeth with a toothpaste that contains fluoride and reach at least minimum levels of Vitamin D consumption. Even eating healthy fats can help restore healthy enamel.

2. See a dentist.

Sometimes the damage down by over the counter bleaching treatments or home remedies is too severe to repair on your own. If your gums are raw or sensitive or your enamel doesn’t show signs of restoration, schedule an appointment with your dentist. They can provide prescriptions of restorative toothpaste, place crowns on your teeth as necessary, and help restore your gum’s health. Take in the box of the product you used so your dentist can immediately start you on the right course to recover your smile.

3. While you’re there, get professional advice on teeth whitening.

More and more dentists offer safe teeth whitening services. Most of these treatments use light instead of bleaching chemicals, which is better for your teeth and provides longer-lasting results. While you’re at the dentist, ask what professional treatments would include and how soon you can start while your teeth and gums recover.

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