Teeth whitening creams and gels are widely available in stores. But that doesn’t make them the best choice for whitening your smile. Not only are the chemicals abrasive and dangerous, but it can also be tricky to apply the treatment to yourself. Getting a professional tooth whitening treatment is always preferable. Here’s how Zoom whitening treatments in a professional dentist’s office can give you a whiter, safer smile:

1. The chemicals are applied evenly on the tooth’s surface.

It’s hard to apply teeth whitening gel evenly across the surface of every tooth, especially near the crevices and edges. It can be even more challenging to keep the gel in place for the whole duration of the treatment. But dentists can evenly apply the gel and give you a mouth guard to help keep it covered.

Even more importantly, dentists will apply the teeth whitening gel without getting it on your gums. The active ingredient in most teeth whitening materials, including Zoom, is hydrogen peroxide. This can irritate your gums if it contacts them for too long.

2. Dentists have the Zoom lighting device to activate the gel.

If you want a long-lasting, white smile, the teeth whitening chemicals aren’t enough. That’s why dentists use a Zoom light to activate the hydrogen peroxide. It can make the treatment over 25% more effective, and that difference in results is visible. 

If you have sensitive teeth, a professional treatment with the right light tool means you need less frequent whitening treatments to keep your smile bright. That’s easier on your teeth.

3. You get superior after-care tips.

There’s a lot of contradictory information online about what you can and can’t do after whitening your teeth. While the basics, like avoiding dark red wines, are easy to read about, your dentists give you even better tips with a timeline and alternatives. That will make your bright smile last longer.

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