Teeth get worn down over time. Whether you want to brighten your smile after decades of drinking tea and coffee or you want to restore the surfaces of your back chewing teeth, cosmetic dentists have the tools for surface level improvements that have a deep impact on your life. But just like with a regular dentist, it can be hard to fit visits into your schedule or find the right dentist to start with. Look for a cosmetic dentist that can offer more than the basics. A good cosmetic dentistry office can:

Restore your teeth with inlays and onlays.

Back teeth do a lot of grinding and chewing. They’re also susceptible to a lot of damage from cavities. Once your teeth are cleaned and the cavities are repaired, cosmetic dentists can add inlays. These look just like the natural chewing surfaces of your teeth, and they both provide support and make your teeth look like new. Onlays, which also cover the top tips of your back teeth, should also be available.

Teeth straightening surfaces.

Old-fashioned metal braces aren’t your only option for straight teeth anymore. Invisalign clear retainers and other, less bulky devices can help straighten your smile without getting in the way. Cosmetic dentists can work with your every step of the way to reposition your top and bottom teeth at a pace that’s comfortable for your mouth and your schedule.

Professional teeth whitening.

Over-the-counter teeth whitening options are dangerous for your teeth and gums. But a professional dentist has access to top of the line light treatments and softer chemicals to whiten your teeth without causing damage. Look for a cosmetic dentist who uses the best treatments for sensitive teeth and has a lot of knowledge about maintaining a white smile.

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