What Are the Health Costs of Bad Breath?

Sometimes bad breath isn’t just bad breath. Halitosis is a strong warning sign that you might be suffering from other periodontal diseases. So if you regularly practice strong dental hygiene, including regular brushing, flossing, and dental visits, here are some other potential causes for bad breath:
  1. You might have allergies or a mild illness causing the bad breath, not just breaking down food. Restrictions on your general breathing can change the bacteria coating in your mouth and increase oral inflammation that makes your mouth more susceptible to bacteria. Bacteria directly from the first infection could also cause bad breath on its own.
  2. You might have low insulin levels as a result of diabetes. Ketoacidosis is caused when someone with diabetes starts to break down fat stores instead of sugar for energy. This causes distinctive bad breath, and it can tip you off that you need to go to your doctor.
  3. A wide range of diseases has bad breath as a symptom. Acid reflux disease causes bad breath from regular stomach acid, but the diseases can also range to cancer, liver failure, and kidney failure.

Dentists can use a wide variety of devices to detect precise levels and components of halitosis. This helps them detect the underlying causes. Once your dentist has narrowed down the underlying cause they can better organize a course of treatment or recommend you go to the hospital for more general medical care. To schedule an appointment regarding your halitosis or any other dental treatments, go to Exquisite Smiles.


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