Halitosis is defined by having chronic bad breath and is the third most common reason people seek dental care. Retailers everywhere offer a multitude of products for combating bad breath: scented floss, gingivitis-fighting mouthwash, and high-dollar toothbrushes. These products, however, are often just a temporary solution for combating halitosis, and won’t remedy the underlying issue causing it. Some of these causes are minor and require a lifestyle adjustment, but many of them require a personal consultation from a professional.


  •  Poor oral hygiene practices

Our diets have a great deal of influence over our breath. Foods such as garlic and onion will leave particles behind that, if not cleaned thoroughly, can deteriorate the condition of your breath quite quickly.

  • Gum disease

Halitosis can be a symptom of gum disease, which caused by the buildup of plaque on teeth. The bacteria present will form toxins which then attack your gums. Gum disease is treatable but can have serious consequences if not properly assessed by a professional.

  • Oral infections

Even minor infections in the nose, sinuses or throat can attribute to chronic bad breath. If you have an infection, bacteria can form on the tonsils which will give off a ghastly odor. Since all of these internal systems are connected, bad breath can be an indicator of something more sinister present.

If your bad breath is persistent even after taking the necessary precautions, consult a dentist that can rule out other causes for you. Here at Shore Smiles Dental, we understand that halitosis can lead to anxiety, and we want to do the very best we can to alleviate it for you. Together, our team of experts will guide you through an examination and determine the best course of action in dealing with halitosis and its underlying causes. You and your family deserve bright, healthy smiles, and for your health concerns to be nullified. Call us today at one of our Massachusetts or Rhode Island locations, and schedule an appointment with a trusted expert in oral care.