Welcome back to the second half of our two-part article on how enjoyable it can be to get your teeth straightened, beyond the superficial benefits. Last time we talked about some of the challenges of uneven teeth including enunciation and how straight teeth can make a huge difference. Let’s pick up where we left off at the comfort of your gums.

Your Gums Can Finally Relax

Just as teeth are supposed to be in neat cutting lines, gums are supposed to hold them in that line. When your teeth have grown in at odd angles, they often pull your gums in very uncomfortable directions. This can cause aching in the mouth and even give people with imperfect teeth a higher tendency toward headaches as the pulling creates tension in the jaw. With straight teeth, your gums will finally stop hurting from the constant multi-directional pressure.

Grinning at Everyone

When your teeth are crooked, and especially when you can feel that with your lips every time you smile, it’s all too easy to be self-conscious. Sure, no one should care and most of them actually don’t but if you do, it affects how you feel in pictures, out with friends, and in your personal life. If you’re tired of feeling like you have to smile with your lips closed, getting your teeth straightened can relieve you of this constant self-conscious worrying and you’ll be able to grin freely at everything that makes you happy.

Fewer Trips to the Dentist

Finally, people whose teeth are configured in a less than ideal fashion, pulling the gums out of place and making them harder to clean, are much more likely to have other dental problems. If you’re used to seeing the dentist more often than the twice a year checkup, then may well be amazed at the change just a little straightening can do as your teeth stop making new problems for your mouth.

Getting your teeth straightened is always a private choice and the most important thing to consider is your own personal dental experience. If your teeth scrape your mouth, give you trouble with eating, or you get headaches because your teeth are out of place, straightening is a quality of life choice, not just a cosmetic one. For more information about getting your teeth straightened or the discount for parents of current patients, contact us today!