The straightness of your teeth is something that no one gets to decide. You’re born with your teeth, they grow in however they want to and, for some, they grow in an entirely different way after the baby teeth fall out and the grown-up teeth come in. Sometimes they’re crooked, weirdly shaped, sideways, or missing completely. While most people get these problems repaired as children, if the problems weren’t enough to convince your parents that you needed orthodonture, than you may have been living with crooked teeth for quite some time.

In the commercials, they always talk about how you’ll feel more confident and show pictures of models with glittering white rows of chicklets. In reality, you get your teeth straightened for you. While there may be a self-esteem element to the choice, more often than not an adult will make the decision to try invisible braces or a retainer because they’re tired of dealing with the hassle of crooked or painful teeth. If you do choose to straighten, there are a few different things you’ll really enjoy once it’s done (and only one of them is about smiling).

Discover Your Real Accent

The vast majority of people who need orthodonture are facing a problem that few people with naturally straight teeth will ever realize: lip and cheek deformation. When your teeth are pushing up against your lips or you’re constantly having to speak carefully to avoid scraping your cheeks on sharp edges because your teeth point in less than optimal directions, the way you speak is inevitably changed. By the time you’re done with Invisalign or traditional braces, your teeth will finally be out of the way. With your lips and cheeks able to move freely without obstacles or scraping, you will actually be able to hear how your voice and enunciation really sound.

Join us next time for part two where we’ll talk about points two, three, and four! For more information on getting your teeth straightened or the discount for parents of current patients, contact us today!