Let’s get to the root of halitosis.

Are you tired of always carrying mints with you just in case you need to talk to somebody? Has your bad breath caused you to feel less confident? Halitosis is a symptom of an underlying condition. While most cases of bad breath are due to issues within your mouth, there can be other causes as well. When somebody has breath odor, it can cause them to be self-conscious and heighten their anxiety. Don’t worry, there is help. It’s more common than people think.

Common contributing factors to halitosis according to the National Institute of Health:

  • Plaque
  • Bacteria
  • Food debris

What causes halitosis (bad breath)?

  • Tongue
  • Bad Oral Hygiene
  • Gum Disease
  • Other health related causes

The tongue is often one of the biggest causes of bad breath, along with bad oral hygiene and gum disease according to Medical News Today. While there can be other things at play such as health related causes, most cases of halitosis can be easily treated. Did you know that tongue scraping and tongue brushing techniques can help prevent bad breath? If you’re feeling anxious about your breath, we can help. Exquisite Smiles offers professional and courteous service and always welcomes new patients. 

Exquisite Smiles can help you overcome bad breath.

Our caring and experienced staff can help you tackle your halitosis. Preventative care is the first line in the defense against bad breath. By getting regular check-ups, we can help spot issues before they become embarrassing problems like bad breath. As sensitive of a topic as this is, you can be assured you’ll be treated with respect and dignity. We want to help you feel better about yourself. Let go of the anxiety and confidence-crushing consequences of bad breath. Contact us and schedule an appointment at our Attleboro, MA or South Attleboro, MA offices. Let Exquisite Smiles help you tackle your bad breath today.