Every season has their own array of foods that can start to stain your smile. Summer has a lot of brightly colored and acidic fruits. Iced coffees and cold sodas are daily drinks. Even popsicles and energy drinks have a lot of coloring that starts to wear away the white in your smile. As summer turns into fall, the types of food and drinks you have are going to change to reflect the seasons. Here are three autumn foods to avoid, or at least be aware of the staining potential:

Food will have more artificial coloring.

This may be a no-brainer, but dyed foods are going to start getting harder and harder to avoid. Halloween is just around the corner, with its vivid arrays of orange, purple, and black food coloring. Then Christmas foods and colors will take over the supermarkets. These dyes aren’t just in candy. Seasonal bread, prepared breakfasts, and baked goods will all be more deeply colored, especially if you have children in the house. So follow them up if a drink of water and check your teeth a bit more often.

You will start drinking more tea and coffee.

The temperature is going to start dropping. Even if you drink coffee all year round, fall will usher in a season of more hot drinks. When you sip tea and coffee to stay warm, it’s more likely to coat and stain your teeth. Sugary hot drinks are even worse because the sugar can soften your teeth’s surfaces. So sip with a straw or look for light, herbal teas.

Even natural curries and chilis can stain your teeth.

Autumn means you’re going to start eating crockpot dishes like stew, curry, and chili. Even if they’re homemade, these meals have tomato sauce and spices that will discolor your smile. That doesn’t mean you should avoid them. Just talk to your dentist about the best ways to preserve your smile and rewhiten your teeth for the rest of the year. Contact us here to learn more.