You recently found out that you will probably have to wear a nightguard. Many people are not too thrilled about wearing a nightguard, and that is very understandable. You are probably thinking: “Am I really going to need a nightguard?”

Changing your current habits and trying something new is not always easy, even if it is something you will need to do. There are several reasons why a person will be hesitant to use a nightguard. We want to give you advice and tips that we hope will make the process of wearing a nightguard easier for you.

Why Are People Hesitant About Wearing Nightguards?

Many dental patients inform say that they stopped wearing nightguards after one or two attempts. There are some common reasons why those patients top wearing it.

The nightguard is uncomfortable; it does not feel right
The nightguard feels too tight
When I wear my nightguard, I gag sometimes
My nightguard is not always in my mouth when I wake up in the morning
When I wear my nightguard, I have to constantly spit or wipe my mouth
You may have heard some awful stories about nightguards, but you should not let this stop you from trying your nightguard. Nightguards can be created for your front teeth or your bottom teeth, and this means you will be able to choose the type of nightguard that will be comfortable for you.

If you have been told that you need to wear a nightguard, we do not want you to give up if you find it difficult to wear after a couple of days. We want you to keep wearing for at least 2 weeks. If you still find it difficult to wear after this amount of time, we do not want you to be afraid to ask us for help.