As you age and surface stains start to accumulate, the natural color of teeth darkens. At this point, a cosmetic dentist may advise you to seek interventions to make your teeth a shade lighter. With this in mind, many teeth bleaching remedies are coming up, each laying claim to the secret behind exemplary whiter teeth.

Regardless, you should be cautious and curious about the ease with which some of the solutions purport to work. Before you start getting excited about the lowly cost of the “natural whitening” methods, weigh the facts behind most of the proclaimed solutions.

Fad 1. Brushing with Baking Soda

While it is true that baking soda can whiten your teeth, you should also be aware of its abrasive nature. Subsequently, the use of the compound can bring about the weakening of the enamel, besides triggering severe teeth sensitivity.

Moreover, baking soda lacks fluoride, and this deficiency can cause loss of mineral elements from the enamel, hence accelerate tooth decay leading to dental cavities. For that reason, Short Pump Cosmetic Dentists do not recommend it as a cheap teeth whitening product.

Fad 2. Whitening Teeth with Orange Peels

In the wake of celebrity endorsements, a growing number of people are trying out orange peels to curtail the appearance of stains on their teeth. But, the notion of orange peels as teeth cleansers must be “too good to be true.”

Hence, believing that cleansing your teeth regularly with fresh orange peels will visibly reverse the yellowing of teeth and also improve your dental health has its pitfalls. Although it may offer some minimal form of reprieve, the natural acidity of oranges may damage the enamel while also weakening your teeth.

Talking Point

For considerable teeth whitening results, your most viable option lies with a certified cosmetic dentist. First and foremost, the whitening effect will last longer. And although the relative cost will be more as compared to the natural home remedies, you can rest assured the treatment will be sufficient. Book an appointment with us today.