Crowns and Bridges: 3 Essentials to Wearing Your Armor with Confidence

Ask a child for his thoughts on crowns and bridges, and you’ll probably hear of dragons, kings, and castles. All the while, the boy will smile but never with a thought for the space between his teeth.

Ask the same of an adult who struggles with self-confidence, and if you even get a glimpse of the man or woman’s smile, it will be with pressed lips only.

If you’re adjusting to your crowns and bridges, you might be wondering: How do I transform years of insecurity into a confident, carefree smile?

It’s simpler than you think. Consider the 3 essentials to wear your new armor with confidence. Then, perhaps if you smile wide enough, you may even be mistaken for royalty.

1. The Heart:

When dealing with low self-confidence and insecurity, persons usually assess self-worth according to criteria they would never use to filter friends. Whether you’ve perfectly straight teeth or none left of your own, these will be forgotten. Your heart will not. Choose to walk confidently, and even your teeth will shine brighter!

2. Your Dentist:

At Exquisite Smiles, Dr. James Phelan and team didn’t choose dentistry for pearly whites. We chose it for persons. Our patients are our family, and we want to answer any questions, concerns, or fears you may have.

3. Others:

When we keep our thoughts to ourselves or seek isolation, it’s impossible to avoid self-hatred and exaggeration. Ask a friend or family member to tell you how they see you and your teeth. Invite them to remind you of why they love you most, precisely when you’re struggling with doubt.

With a right perspective, a professional and caring dental team, and a community to lift you up, you’ll forget all about the work done in your mouth. Like a child, share your excitements and show your true self, never flinching with worry for others’ thoughts and opinions.

If any of these 3 essentials is a struggle for you, we’d love to walk you through it. It isn’t just possible. We’ve seen transformations. To discuss confidence that’s real, please don’t hesitate tocontact us.


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