Even though you might have never thought about having cosmetic dentistry done before, you might be a bit worried about how your teeth will look in all of your wedding photos. Luckily, a good cosmetic dentist — such as the dental professionals at Exquisite Smiles in South Attleboro, MA — can help you get the look that you want so that you don’t mind smiling on the best day of your life.

Fix Chips

All sorts of things can cause a chipped tooth, like tripping and falling, getting into an accident while you’re playing sports or simply biting into something hard. A chipped tooth can be quite unsightly, however, and you probably don’t want to have one in your wedding photos. Luckily, your cosmetic dentist in South Attleboro, MA can repair any chipped teeth so that you don’t have to worry about feeling self-conscious about your smile on the biggest day of your life.

Fix Gaps

Do you have gaps in-between your teeth? If so, a cosmetic dentist can assist you. In many cases, dental bonding is used to fill in these gaps. If the right dentist does the job, it can look very natural. For more serious cases, veneers might be an option.

Make Them Look Straighter

If you have crooked teeth, you might have always felt a bit self-conscious about the way that you look when you smile. If you are planning way ahead for your wedding, you may have time for braces, particularly if your teeth are not too crooked. There are even “invisible” options that you can look into.

If you do not have the time for braces, however, a cosmetic dentist can help you. For example, dental bonding can sometimes be used to create the illusion of straighter teeth. You can also look into veneers, which can make your teeth look great. 

Opt for a Professional Whitening

Even if you are generally happy with the appearance of your teeth, you might wish that they would be a little bit whiter for your wedding day photos. The last thing that you probably want is to capture a photograph when your teeth are a bit yellow in color!

There are products that you can purchase at your average drugstore or mass market retail store that can be used to whiten your teeth. However, even though you might see some results, you probably won’t get the wedding day-ready results that you are truly looking for. For the best whitening, consider going to the pros.

A professional teeth whitening can be done in-office a few days before your wedding and can make your teeth look great. You’ll be in and out in no time, and you’re sure to see better results than you would see with the over-the-counter whitening products that are available.

You can also talk to your cosmetic dentist about take-home whitening trays. They are similar to what you would purchase in a drugstore but are more powerful and can provide better results. Even though they might not work quite as well as an in-office whitening, they do a great job and can provide you with a whiter smile. Plus, this option is a little bit cheaper, which can be a good thing if you’ve been spending all of your money on your wedding or if you want to save a little extra for your honeymoon.