Dental implants can be thought of as synthetic tooth root. It plays the same function as a natural root, but is made from a special type of titanium alloy that has the capacity to fuse directly to the jaw bone. When properly cared for, this alloy is very durable and can last a lifetime. These types of implants are the ideal replacement options for individuals who have missing teeth, because dental implants are the only choice that replaces both the root of the tooth and the crown of the lost tooth.

Dental implants function just like one’s natural tooth. People who have dental implants can enjoy all the activities they did prior to their tooth losses. The beautiful porcelain crowns used to cap dental implants look and feel just like one’s natural teeth, fully restoring one’s full and attractive smile.

Dentists who secure the dental implants in their patient’s mouths are specially trained to place them for optimal comfort and function by individually molding them for each patient.  In many cases, with dental implants, the dentist is able to prevent deterioration of the jaw bone that can be associated with tooth loss.

In addition to replacing missing teeth, dental implants can be used for other restorative procedures such as securing bridges.  They work by providing stable bases for these and other dental procedures.

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