Can Dental Implants Get Cavities?

At Exquisite Smiles, we receive many questions and concerns about dental implants. Each one of them is a good question worthy of a good answer. Nevertheless, we have also learned that for every one person who asks, there are many who will remain silent. In order to help you better understand dental implants, today we are highlighting one o our most frequently asked question: Can dental implants get cavities?

The most common reason for tooth loss is gum disease or tooth decay. Therefore, it is not unusual for a patient to worry that these same conditions could weaken a dental implant. First off, it is very important to maintain good oral hygiene after receiving a dental implant. This will help ensure the artificial tooth’s longevity. That said, a dental implant cannot get a cavity. The artificial tooth is made from the same artificial material as a crown, which is not susceptible and cannot grow cavities.

Additionally, the actual implant is made from titanium or similar material. The bacteria that cause gum disease has absolutely no direct effect on the implant. Regardless, gum disease can impact a dental implant’s long-term sustainability. An active case of gum disease should be treated before moving forward with an implant. Moreover, every step should be taken to avoid gum disease and tooth decay after a tooth implant procedure. Gun decrease can weaken the bond between an implant and the bone, creating the potential the implant will fail.

Today’s blog post answered the question, “Can dental implants get cavities?” While neither the prosthetic tooth nor the implant are susceptible to either tooth decay or gum disease, those conditions can negatively affect the bone that supports the implant. It is very important to take all necessary steps to avoid these issues developing.

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